Gîte de La Savoie

The attractions near  Rocher Percé

Hollyday destination of Rocher Percé : www.rocherperce.com

Summer activities::

  • Bird sanctuary and cruise to Bonaventure Island
  • Visit to interpretation Center (Park)
  • Walk to Mont-Joli, Percé Rock, and Mont-St-Michel or Cap Barré

  • Hiking:

    • Mont-Ste-Anne, La grotte
    • Sentier St-Michel et des Sources
    • La crevasse, et la Cap Barré
  • Deep water fishing or directly from the wharf
  • Whales watching
  • Museum, Art gallery
  • Live entertainements
  • Driving
  • Ornithology. Pick-up Gems and other semi-precious stones (on the beach).
  • You can also get your tickets, directly on site, for Bonnaventure island or Whales cruises.

Winter activities

  • Skidooing
  • Snowshoes (walking)
  • Alpine skiing
  • Cross-country skiing